Screw Jack

Adjustable Screw Jack

PACIFICO’s Screw Jacks are used as a starting base for a scaffolding System. It has an adjustable height to allow for compensation on uneven levels for sustaining the stability.


Adjustable Base Jack

Code No - PI-1801

Adjustable Swivel Jack

Code No - PI-1802

Adjustable U head Jack

Code No - PI-1803

Adjustable fork head Jack

Code No - PI-1804

Adjustable Universal Jack

Code No - PI-1805

Base Plate

Code No - PI-1806

Fork head

Code No - PI-1807

U Head Plate

Code No - PI-1808

We have wide range of nuts for Adjustable Screw Jack in Forging , Nodular Ductile Casting and Steel Casting with a diameter range from 32 to 48 mm. We can also design nuts as per customer requirement. Electro Galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized surface finish available.

Jack Nut

Casted jack Nut

Code No - PI-1809

Forged jack Nut

Code No - PI-1810

Casted jack Nut

Code No - PI-1811

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